Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yesterday's Ride

This summer, while living in santa cruz, I started this post:

Yesterday I biked from home, across santa cruz to pogonip park, navigated uphill through horses into UCSC, hopped the jumps a bit, rode across north preserve and down through kresge and porter, around porter meadow and family housing, across some field laden with cowpies, over a fence

Today I rode the part starting at the fence again. It goes into wilder ranch via some lovely forests and a very difficult uphill rock garden that was too slick to ride this time. A bit of fireroad to old cabin trail, fast and ferny then a climb out. Down through wilder, and into santa cruz, to natural bridges and the monarch walk, but it was too cold for monarchs. the day started cloudy with some sprinkles, but the ride was lovely.

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