Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ludum Dare 14

Ludum Dare 14 was 2.5 weeks ago, on the weekend of 4/18. Ludum Dare is the triannual 48 hour game development competition I've done several times before. The theme was 'Advancing Wall of Doom' and I made a space shooting game which had enemy ships with equations written on them which you would shoot with the correct answers by pressing the numbers on your keyboard. It turned out a fun and challenging game which I was happy with.

The game is available at the website where I publish my games:

After the 48 hours of programming, everyone who makes a game has 2 weeks (2.5 weeks this time) to play and judge everyone else's games. The games are rated in many categories on a 1-5 scale (5 best). The results just came out and I did okay. My game was up against 123 other games.

Overall: 20th (3.61)
Fun: 15th (3.71)
Innovation: 16th (3.76)
Humor: 25th (3.47)
Sound: 26th (3.44)

Not great placement, but the scores came out good. It was a fun experience, and inspirational as always. The games by the winners are all nice little games that I would recommend playing.

If you want to find me in the results, I'm 'greencow'.

[Ludum Dare 14 full results]