Tuesday, March 25, 2008

mojave pics

My adoration of rocks can be seen at:

Monday, March 24, 2008

spring break woo

mar 12-13: planted garden.

mar 13: left san diego, camped south of big sur at kirk creek.

mar 14: drove to santa cruz, had coffee at one of maia's old hangouts, camped at big basin.

mar 15: drove to maia's dad's house, played rock band and super smash bros brawl at rollie's pad just a couple miles away.

mar 16: hiked quicksilver with maia and her family (paulo, trilby, ryan), had my first home-made vegan birthday cake in years.

mar 17: my birthday! drove to san francisco in the morning, awesome breakfast at herbivore, walked around lower haight, then upper haight, then castro while maia was in a yoga class with her old yogi. met jerry back in the haight, had a few beers and pizza at escape from new york. camped out in the city.

mar 18: drove to cole valley and had bagel and coffee in another of maia's old hoods. took maia to the airport. drove to jerry's in daly city.

mar 19: late start to annadel state park in santa rosa, but we a good 2-3 hour loop, the most technically difficult climbs and fast descents i've ever been on. wonderful fun which my bike handled superbly. good but expensive burrito after. drove toward mendocino and camped out on the way.

mar 20: drove to mendocino and explored the blowhole, a hole in the ground that you have to repel into by a rope with a little beach and a tunnel to the ocean. scenic drive down the coast and back to sf.

mar 21: feeling a bit sick. mostly relaxed.

mar 22: drove 7 hours to mojave, coming from sf to mojave for my first time was different, the 58 east of bakersfield is a nice drive, big rolling green hills with big rock outcroppings sprouting from the hills. arrived a bit after sunset about the same time as rollie and herany. shasha and mark had been there all day. carl and amanda and dustin and tim and a few other people had come up from san diego, amanda had a nice shade structure setup with christmas lights, black light and glowy art bopping around. danced and felt the vibe. slept 2 hours.

mar 23: hanging out in mojave, biked around the desert for the first time. riding on the 'roads' wasn't too hard, but i was exploring dunes, where the landscape would be soft and you can see where the washes are where the sand is so soft the bike just sinks, so you've gotta go through those perpendicular. the softer the sand the more effort it takes, slower you go, and turning means sinking. drove home, ate yummy dinner and slept 14 hours.