Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Multigrain goodness

Hiya =]

Well, I know last week I said I was living in my van, which was true, but then I found a nice room for rent near my school, and decided to move into a more traditional living situation. I have moved in with an older Indian gentleman who goes by Kris (ala Krishna) and it's been nice. The room came furnished and there's like 15 fruit trees around the house. There's also two other people renting rooms attached to the house. Having a kitchen, fridge, and a private bathroom are certainly niceties I have missed. Not worrying about getting a ticket for camping in my van is nice too. I found out about tickets for street camping when I was awoken one morning by police officers =P.

This will be my pad for the next 3 months, then I will return to van life when I move up to UC Santa Cruz.

School has been getting busier, Linear Algebra is quite difficult and English has taken much time.


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