Monday, October 15, 2007


On Saturday afternoon 10/13, while I was costume shopping with friends visiting from San Diego, my van was broken into through the same wing window that was broken before, and my bike and laptop in it's backpack were stolen. I had overestimated the safety of the area where I had parked, what I thought were houses were actually closed businesses across the street. Leaving the van parked on a street of closed businesses, even with my bike hidden inside the van, was a mistake. The neighborhood looked clean and quiet, but a quiet street is not the place to leave valuables unattended, residential suburbs and even the college campus were safer because of the foot traffic. There will always be that risk though, this could have happened at the college, I've been flirting with disaster having this fairly valuable equipment with relatively low security on it whenever I'm away from the van. I won't get another expensive mountain bike until I'm either renting a room or going on a bike trip again. Hopefully that will be very soon, biking is just the stress reducer I need for such stressful events as bike theft =/ my laptop I am not as concerned with, it was running badly, although I just ordered a video card to fix that =P but the data was mostly backed up. I suppose I'll find a replacement on craigslist soon. I'm going to work on my resume and look for that now. Bleh.

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